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exe file to download and install the latest drivers for your computer automatically. BOOTMGR_DLL contains: · Drivers for almost all devices and hardware. · Windows version information. · Windows 8 Drivers and Fixes. · Windows 10 Drivers and Fixes. The app will detect the version of Windows currently installed, then automatically download the latest Windows Updates from the Microsoft Update website and apply them. If it does not find a driver, it will download it from the vendor's website. The application has been tested and works with Windows 7, 8, 10, 8.1, 8.2, 10, Server 2008, Server 2012, Server 2016, Server 2019, and Server 2020. It will update the device drivers for all the devices on your computer. A user-friendly and easy to use interface with simple navigation tabs. Easy to use and well-organised features, with a clean and informative tab system. Updated drivers for almost all devices on your computer. WinDriver Booster will update the device drivers for your all your installed hardware. It will download the driver for the device you want and install it. It will update the Windows version installed on your computer. "It seems to be an improvement over the previous versions of the application and is very easy to use. I have used it and it works fine so far for most devices." - drpc "I had not tried this in the past, but I am glad I did. There is a lot of information and options, and I will be using it as a regular part of my Windows Management. It downloads and installs for each and every device I use, and this makes it a much more efficient and manageable tool." - BobbyD78 "This is a very good tool, and I am very pleased to have added it to my Windows collection. I use it regularly to help me manage my devices, and it works flawlessly so far. It can be considered as a must-have app, if you are a Windows user." - RockTheBlock "I must admit that i am an easy target for anything that has to do with my Windows computer. I have tried a few similar applications in the past but none of them seemed to really work as good as this program. " - ByGopi11 "I'm writing this as a recommendation to anyone looking for a tool to manage all



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