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Mental Health, Substance Use Disorder, and STD Referral Navigation

Substance Use Disorder

Substance use disorder (SUD) is a chronic, relapsing disease that is characterized by compulsive drug use despite harmful consequences. People with SUD often have difficulty controlling their drug use and may continue to use drugs even when they know that it is causing them problems. SUD is a complex disease that is caused by a combination of genetic, environmental, and social factors. There is no cure for SUD, but it can be successfully treated with a combination of medication and therapy.Yaya Por Vida provides a variety of SUD treatment services, including referrals to medication-assisted treatment providers (MAT), individual and group support, peer support, trauma-informed care, harm reduction-based practices, and referral navigation to in our outpatient treatment. We are committed to helping people overcome SUD and live healthy, fulfilling lives.

Drug and Syringe

STD/HIV/AIDS Referral Navigation

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are infections that can be passed from one person to another through sexual contact. HIV is a virus that can cause AIDS, a serious and potentially life-threatening condition. STDs and HIV/AIDS can be prevented through safe sex practices, such as using condoms and getting tested regularly. Yaya Por Vida provides a variety of STD/HIV/AIDS prevention and education services, including condom distribution for males and females, safe oral sex supplies, testing referrals, pregnancy prevention and distribution of free at-home HIV test kits. We are committed to helping people protect their sexual health.

Support & Harm Reduction Services

To fin information about support and harm reduction services, simply navigate to your county. 

Monroe: Residential Treatment

Dade: Click for more info.

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