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May is about Tears to Ink by Fred Di Marco and Yaya Por Vida's First Annual Pop-Up Art Gallery!

Actualizado: 22 ago 2022

Our Resident poet, Fred DiMarco has just published his first book Tears to Ink! Here's his intro regarding his experience as a father of loss and what inspires him to write:

Who killed Nicholas Jordan Di Marco? When my son was released from a treatment facility, one of the counselors (who I was working with closely) recommended I get Narcan. At that time, you needed a prescription, so I went to my family doctor to get some. The doctor refused, stating that he did not want my son to have a "silver bullet" in case he overdosed. The memory of law enforcement and EMS peeling me away from my son's lifeless body is ingrained forever in my brain. The question that plagues my sanity: "If I had administered the Narcan five to ten minutes sooner, would he still be alive?" That was on Monday, I had signed up for a Narcan training class with Project Dawn (Death Avoidance with Narcan) to get some.

We will not get the support we need from the government, private sector, and the public until we educate and remove the stigma and ignorance that is currently out there. Only then can we unite and put the proper actions in motion to stop this epidemic and not allow any more innocent lives to be lost."All that is necessary for the opioid epidemic to succeed is that good people do nothing."When my son (Nicholas Jordan Di Marco) passed from a fentanyl-laced heroin overdose, the local police detective took over the investigation. I signed off on allowing access to his phone, gave him the names and phone numbers of eight of Nick's active-user friends, and the names and phone numbers of three of his heroin dealers. After four months, the detective told me they had closed the case due to lack of evidence. Four months after that, I saw that same detective guarding the door to a Giant Eagle liquor store. He was making sure that there weren't too many people inside the store at one time: crowd control.

Please follow the link below to purchase your copy today! Fred's book is smile amazon eligible. We kindly ask all buyers to plug in Yaya por Vida as your charity of choice for this and all Amazon purchases through Amazon Smile.

TEARS TO INK by Fred DiMarco

We will be hosting both in person and virtual event. Visit the link below to purchase tickets (just $10!) to see Fred perform his poetry live. Over 30 visual artists have contributed their pieces as part of our silent auction, raffle tickets will be on sale for great prizes, artisan vendors will be selling unique pieces for our cause, Narcan training/distribution will be done onsite, live music and free HIV testing sponsored by Pridelines.

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