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Actualizado: 22 ago 2022

And so, it came to be,

That it was your time to leave me.

God whispered your name,

And to the heavens you came.

Not a single moment goes by,

That you are not in my mind’s eye.

All the unanswered questions of what could have been,

Are silently screamed again and again.

We pray that your soul is now at peace and you are finally at rest,

Of all the things that could have been taken from me, you were the best.

One day, you will again stand by my side,

For now, too many innocents are lost, more are needed to stem the tide.

For stigma and ignorance must be abated,

Prejudice and pride are highly over rated.

Though bent from the weight of your demise,

To confront this challenge, I choose to rise.

I use rhyme, prose and verse to get my message across,

So, others may share an understanding of my loss.

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